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Winning High-Ticket Business

Win More High-Ticket Business

Over 25 years experience of personally making high-ticket (>£5 million sales)

About John Corr
I specialise in helping the partners and owners of high-end consulting firms have a very profitable niche practice.

If you want to increase fee income, more initial appointments with ideal clients, and accelerate the time to close opportunities then I can definitely help you.

I  specialise in lead generation for niche consulting firms and my / our accomplishments include:

* BSc from the University of Bristol
* Author of Internet protocol to enable billions of IoT devices to negotiate autonomously
* Built MVP of platform for German industrial firm to enable autonomous vehicles (‘self-driving’ cars) to trade energy with smart infrastructure

Work History:
* Have won $5+ million consulting engagements for my own niche firm
* Background with global high-end consulting firms (AlixPartners. A.T. Kearney, Reveal Group)
* Sold £12 bn TCV of high-end services
* Created $16 bn of shareholder value for clients
* Consulted on high-end sales to AXA, Capital One, Magenta, Marsh, Nationwide, Towergate and Unisys

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
* Global chairman of BP Group.org, a non-profit organisation fostering innovation with 70,000+ members in 100+ countries

Other Info:
* Personally sold £1.6 bn per annum in high-value sales and consulted with leading global firms on increasing their sales and winning $100 million TCV contracts
* I learnt how to dowse for fuel lines whilst working at a US airbase
* Am the honorary marketing manager for my classical musician daughters
* Fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust
* Passions: football, rugby and German Board Games
* Sponsor websites to support medical research and information on infertility
* Father of teenage Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor

When you want to have a very profitable niche consulting firm, don’t mess around with anyone but the best at lead generation for niche consulting firms.

I have everything it takes to help you increase fee income, gather more initial appointments with your ideal clients, and accelerate the time to close your best opportunities!

I have Worked With Chairman, CEO, COO and Heads of Sales At:

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